Connected SAGE Budgets and eGC1s

One of the benefits of using SAGE Budget to create your proposal budget is that you can then connect it to your eGC1. It will automatically populate the Budget page of your eGC1. Since the two items are linked, any time you update your budget, your eGC1 will show the updated data. When you select a budget period to connect to your eGC1, SAGE imports all the data from your budget worksheets.

In addition, if your eGC1 is a Grant Runner application using the RR Detailed Budget form, your budget data will be mapped into the form. A Sponsor Budget Map link will display on the left navigation menu for you to make any desired changes to where the data maps by default. Review the Sponsor Budget Map article for more details.

Your eGC1 and budget will route together so reviewers can easily see budget details in a standard format.

When you submit a renewal eGC1, you can use the same budget to link the award-adjusted data for the next period to your renewal application.

Contacts and Access

When you connect a SAGE Budget and eGC1, they will share the contacts and access information. Any information you update on the Budget will be reflected on the eGC1. When you connect the two items, everyone who had access to either item will still have access. The SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data article explains the details.