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UW Launches Faculty Diversity Initiative

Diversity, in the words of University Diversity Officer Rickey Hall, is everybody’s everyday work. To further accelerate this ongoing work, Provost Mark Richards has launched a Faculty Diversity Initiative to examine the policies, practices, and climate that impact our ability to attract and retain faculty who advance our diversity goals.

The initiative, consistent with Regent Policy 33, includes redirecting University resources to bridge funding that will help departments recruit faculty who will advance the University’s diversity goals. In addition, a subgroup of the Race & Equity Steering Committee will examine best practices across the nation – and within our University – and make recommendations on benchmarks and accountability for recruitment, hiring, and retention in alignment with the UW’s Diversity Blueprint.

Read more about the initiative which builds on the substantial contributions of the Office for Faculty Advancement, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity, the Office of Academic Personnel, and the Office of Research, among others. Further and more critically, this work builds upon the efforts of generations of BIPOC faculty who have voluntarily recruited and mentored additional faculty that advance diversity.