Office of the President

April 16, 2019

A transformative funding commitment to advance protein design 

Ana Mari Cauce

I’m very pleased to share that the Institute for Protein Design, part of the Department of Biochemistry at the UW School of Medicine, has received a significant initial commitment of $45 million through The Audacious Project philanthropic collaborative. This generous support has the potential to unlock transformative advances in protein design with enormous possibilities for improving population health and healthcare here and around the world, and for advancing the realm of manufacturing.

Housed at TED, The Audacious Project is helping advance our institutional mission to create impact through knowledge creation and discovery in service of a better world. With the philanthropic support fostered by Audacious, the institute will be able to pursue the development of life-changing and life-saving medical treatments, such as a universal flu vaccine and new approaches for treating cancer and other diseases, and to open up a new world in manufacturing applications. To learn more about the institute’s plan, check the TED talks available as part of this year’s Audacious philanthropic commitments announcement.

I join Paul Ramsey and my colleagues at the School of Medicine in gratitude to The Audacious Project and the contributors connected with the group for fostering the leading-edge work of the Institute for Protein Design. Audacious was launched with a mission to support bold ideas with the potential to have an impact at scale, and we at the UW share that vision. We are very proud to join with The Audacious Project in realizing a leap forward in the field of protein design.