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Presidential Blog

Our University will not tolerate religious bigotry or harassment

During this difficult time for all who are affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the recognition of our shared humanity is essential to ensuring an inclusive and welcoming campus environment conducive to engaged teaching and learning, scholarship and discovery, patient care and community service. The members of our large, diverse community bring a wide range of perspectives, lived experiences and emotions to this crisis, but we will not tolerate harassment, violence or threats of violence on our campuses.

Annual President’s Address 2023: “Impact is the Heart of the UW”

In her 2023 Annual President’s Address, President Ana Mari Cauce shared her vision for how the University of Washington can elevate its mission of public service through an impact ecosystem that leverages both the breadth and depth of the institution’s capacity for learning, discovery and service.

Updated: Civilians will pay the terrible price of the conflict in Israel and Gaza

The terror, loss of life and outbreak of war in Israel and Gaza over the weekend, which began with the reprehensible attacks by Hamas, is devastating to all of us, and my heart is with every member of our community who has ties to or loved ones in this deeply troubled region.