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Encouraging our lawmakers to reauthorize the HEA

Right now, Congress is considering a number of different bills that would reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA). The HEA was first enacted in 1965, and periodically reauthorized, to strengthen our nation’s colleges and universities and expand access to higher education for more Americans. The University of Washington strongly supports the reauthorization of the HEA, which is more vital than ever as more and more of our economy’s best jobs are requiring a four-year credential.

In support of reauthorization, including specific provisions that we believe will best serve the people of Washington and the nation, I have written to the Senate HELP Committee leadership as well as to all of the members of Washington’s  Congressional delegation. In my letter, which you can read here, I encouraged our Senators and Representatives to help protect our students, our economy and our future in partnership with higher education.