Office of Global Affairs

Awards overview

20 awards offered, engaging in 21 countries
$175,000+ awarded
$110,000+ matched by 11 schools, colleges, departments

Awarded projects

Project name UW faculty and researchers UW colleges, schools and programs Countries of engagement
InterACTION Labs Fellowship program Leann Andrews, Sarah Gimbel, Joe Zunt, Jorge O. Alarcon Landscape Architecture, Center for Global Health Nursing, Department of Global Health, CITBM Center Peru
Normative Innovation, Human Rights, and Democracy (NIHRD): Concepts and Strategies for a New Global Agenda Michael Forman, Jamie Mayerfield, Michael Rosenthal, Amos Nascimento, William Talbott SIAS (UW Tacoma), Law Societies and Justice, Philosophy, Program on Ethics Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Taiwan, Germany
Program on the Environment Taiwan: Exploring Environmental and Social Resilience (blog) Yen-Chu Weng Program on the Environment, JSIS Taiwan
Social Work Spain: Social Justice During Times of Crisis Caroline Lanza, William Vesneki School of Nursing and Health Studies (UW Bothell), School of Social Work Spain
UW Bothell Global Scholars Program Benjamin Gardner, Ron Krabill School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UWB Global Initiatives Various
Bridging STEM disciplines and Southeast Asian Studies Amy Kim, Shannon Bush Civil and Environmental Engineering, JSIS Indonesia
Empowerment through Education: Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes related to Emergency Neurological Life Support Training in Phnom, Penh Cambodia Ariana Barkley, Lia Golden, Abhijit Lele, Ali Ravanpay, James LeGerfo Neurological Surgery, International Nursing Program, Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Internal Medicine Cambodia
Comparative Studies in North American and European Housing and Real Estate Markets Rebecca Walter, Simon Stevenson, Sofia Dermisi, Arthur Acolin, Gregg Colburn Runstand Department of Real Estate Italy
Course Development on Plant Microbiology in Temperate and Tropical Rainforests Sharon Doty, Bernard Bormann School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Costa Rica
Engineering Switzerland: Fundamentals of Engineering Abroad Karl Bohringer, Mike Engh Electrical Engineering Switzerland
Engineering Italy: Engineering Fundamentals in the Eternal City Mike Engh, Scott Winter College of Engineering Academic Affairs Italy
Global Health Partnerships in Nepal to Build Capacity in Implementation Science James Pfeiffer, Sarah Gimbel Department of Global Health, Center for Global Health Nursing Nepal
Validation of a Screening Tool for Expansion of Mental Health Services in Cambodia Tracy Harachi, Lesley Steinman School of Social Work, School of Public Health Cambodia
International Workshop on M9 DIsaster Science Fumio Ohuchi, Alison Duvall, Randall LeVeque, Michael Motley, Ann Bostrom Materials Science & Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Earth and Space Sciences, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Evans School of Public Policy Japan, Chile, Canada
Global Disaster Preparedness and Response Study Abroad Program Janet Baseman, Sarah Gimbel, Fumio Ohuchi School of Public Health, Center for Global Health Nursing, Materials Science & Engineering Japan, Nepal
Kenya Healthy Brain Project Sarah Benki-Nugent, Catherine Karr, Anne Riederer, Edmund Seto, Brent Collett Department of Global Health, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Kenya
Developing a mobile health tool to guide management of acute respiratory illnesses in young children Laura Ellington, Margaret Rosenfeld, Jim Stout, Richard Anderson Pediatrics, Computer Science & Engineering Uganda
Multimodal integration of odor and visual cues for the design of better mosquito traps in Washington state and Western Kenya Jeff Riffell, Nathan Kutz, Elizabeth Dykstra Biology, Applied Mathematics, School of Public Health Kenya
Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities (SIGI) 2019 José Antonio Lucero, Chad Allan JSIS, Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies Canada
Study Abroad and Research Opportunities in Maternal and Child Health Daniel Enquobahrie Epidemiology India, Ethiopia
Future Horizons in Critical Medical Humanities Janelle Taylor, Nora Kenworthy, Johanna Crane Anthropology, Nursing and Health Studies (UW Bothell), SIAS (UW Bothell) The Netherlands, Denmark