Office of Global Affairs

Awards overview

18 awards offered with engagement in 14 countries
$175,000+ awarded
$105,000+ matched by 13 schools, colleges, departments

Awarded projects

Project name UW faculty and researchers UW colleges, schools and programs Countries of engagement
Student Epidemic Action Leaders (SEAL) Team and Zimbabwe Field Epidemiology Training Program (Zim FETP) : Student Exchange and Research Collaboration Janet Baseman, Danuta Kakasprzyk, Daniel Montaño Epidemiology, Family and Child Nursing Zimbabwe
International Nanotechnology Exchange Karl Böhringer, Greg Miller Electrical Engineering France, Japan, Thailand
Academic Support Programs Study Abroad Ryan Burt Academic Support Programs-Undergraduate Academic Affairs Italy
Bringing PRONTO to DRC Karen Cowgill, Jennifer Unger, Katie Haerling School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Department of Global Health Democratic Republic of Congo
Using a Mobile App and Citizen Science to Reduce Mosquito-borne Disease:  A pilot Project in Peru Kristie Ebi, Cory Morin, Dargan Frierson, Joe Zunt, Phil Fawcett Department of Global Health, Environmental and Occupational Health Peru
UW Bothell Global Scholars Program Benjamin Gardner, Ron Krabill School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UWB Global Initiatives Various
Global Health Partnerships in Disaster Preparedness and Response Sarah Gimbel, Pamela Kohler, Fumio Ohuchi, Wendy Freitag, Joseph Zunt, Karin Huster Center for Global Health Nursing, Urban Design & Planning, Department of Global Health, UW-Tohoku University: Academic Open Space Japan, Nepal, Peru
Summer Course and Open Archive of New Public Art in Japan Justin Jesty Asian Languages and Literature Japan
A Cross Cultural Comparison of Water Insecurity Impacts on the Health and Culture of Indigenous Peoples: Water, Place, and Culture Clarita Lefthand-Begay, Maya Magarati, Myra Parker, Terry Kavanagh, Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine The Information School, School of Social Work, Intellectual House, EDGE Nepal
Sexual Politics, Culture, & Justice in Norway Kari Lerum School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UWB Global Initiatives Norway
Education in Rome: Intersecting masculinities as male trajectories Joe Lott Education Italy
Persons with Disabilities & Older Persons’ Human Rights and Development in Jamaica Stephen Meyers Law, Societies & Justice Jamaica
Product development training to accelerate local innovations in global health Melissa Mugambi, Matthew Thompson, Emer Dooley Department of Global Health, Family Medicine, Foster School of Business Kenya
Global Engagement in Clean Energy and Population Health Lilo Pozzo, Daniel Schwartz, Youngjun Choe, Daniel Kirschen, Jessica Kaminsky, Charbel El Bcheraoui Chemical Engineering, Clean Energy Institute, Electrical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Department of Global Health Puerto Rico
Design Activism Nepal Benjamin Spencer, David Citrin, Laure Heland Landscape Architecture, Global Health and Anthropology Nepal
Program on the Environment China Kristina Straus, Wei Zuo Program on the Environment, Center for Teaching and Learning China
Study Abroad – Engineered materials and structures: from composites to metamaterials Jinkyu Yang, Rajesh Chaunsali, Cathryne Jordan, Jon Solomon Aeronautics and Astronautics, Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity Australia