Office of Global Affairs

Awards overview

25 awards offered, engaging in 20 countries
$250,000+ awarded
$10,000 matched by the Population Health Initiative
$99,000+ matched by 16 schools, colleges, departments

Awarded projects

Project name UW faculty and researchers UW colleges, schools and programs Countries of engagement
Towards AR/VR-based rehabilitation therapy deployed on a cell phone Pierre Mourad, Janna Friedly, Aaron Bunnell, Jody Early, Rafael de Silva UWB STEM, UWB Nursing, Medicine
Jointly awarded with the Population Health Initiative
Building study abroad programming with Kathmandu University engineering Michael Regnier, Karen Thickman, Biraj Karmacharya, David Citrin Engineering, Medicine, Arts & Sciences Nepal
Developing partnerships with Māori students at the University of Auckland Joshua Reid, Christopher Teuton Arts & Sciences New Zealand
Integrated population health outcomes: Monitoring the impending (second) baby boom Jane Simoni, Susan Spieker, Megan Ramaiya Arts & Sciences, Nursing China
UW Classics archaeological excavations and field school Sarah Stroup Arts & Sciences Italy
Indigenous Sámi culture and connection to the land in arctic Europe Christopher Teuton Arts & Sciences Norway
Philosophical exploration and social action in the sacred lands of India Greg Tuke, Kara Adams UWB Educational Studies, UWB Community Based Learning & Research India, Tibet
Air pollution and health in China Sverre Vedal, Tim Larson, Julian Marshall, Adam Szpiro, Andrew Zhou Public Health, Engineering China
Advancing the UW’s engagement in global health through novel academic partnerships Judd Walson, Judith Wasserheit, Biraj Karmacharya, Annette Fitzpatrick Medicine, Global Health China, Nepal
The Politics of Blackness and Indigeneity in Peru Adam Warren, Monica Rojas-Stewart Arts & Sciences Peru
UW and BTPOTC Prosthetics and Orthotics Education Collaboration Ann Yamane, Karen Freisem, Susan Spaulding, Cody McDonald Medicine, Center for Teaching & Learning Ghana
Emerging garden technologies and impacts upon human and ecological health: An opportunity to build a robust cross-cultural transdisciplinary academic exchange Joseph Zunt, Jeff Hou, Leanne Andrews Global Health, Built Environments Peru
UW – University of Ljubljana Scholars Exchange Michael Biggins Arts & Sciences Slovenia
Understanding and enhancing seismic cultures around the Pacific Rim Megan Finn, Scott Miles iSchool, Engineering China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia
Launching the unZIP Study: Early detection of Zika infection in pregnancy Martin Frasch, Karl Böhringer Medicine Argentina, Brazil, Canada
Building for peace in the wake of war study abroad program Christoph Giebel Arts & Sciences Vietnam
The water-engineering-culture nexus: Creating opportunities for student learning Heidi Gough Engineering Jordan
A media-savvy international research program for solving freshwater challenges Faisal Hossain, Gordon Holtgrieve, Rick Garza Engineering, Environment China
Study abroad internship program Cynthia Howson, Karen Cowgill UWT Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences The Gambia
UW – University of Bergen Faculty Exchange Program Christine Ingebritsen Arts & Sciences Norway
Is human transmission of trepenomes to pet macaques impeding eradication efforts? Lisa Jones-Engel, Sheila Lukehart, Amy Klegarth Medicine, Arts & Sciences Germany, Indonesia
Discover India partnership Sunila Kale, Tamara Leonard, Divya McMillin Arts & Sciences, UWT Institute for Global Engagement India
Integrated solutions for the built environment: A global perspective Amy Kim, Lysandra Medal Arts & Sciences, Engineering Indonesia
Education study abroad program in the Dark Empire Joe Lott Education United Kingdom
Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities José Antonio Lucero, Chadwick Allen, Christopher Teuton, David Eaton Arts & Sciences, Office of the Provost, the Graduate School Canada
Grand Challenge Impact Lab Julian Marshall Engineering India
Global Innovation Law Seminar Zahr Said Law China