Data Science Masters

September 10, 2018

Fall 2019 Application Now Open!

For those of you eager to get a head start on your application to the M.S. in Data Science program, we are pleased to announce that the application for fall 2019 entry is now open! To help you get started, check out the updated Admissions Requirements on our website.

Identifying applicants well prepared for academic and professional success in the field of data science is key to our admissions process. To that end, we are implementing a more strategic approach to admissions this year. We are no longer requiring applicants to submit GRE scores.

In place of GRE scores, the admissions committee will evaluate factors that we know have a bearing on success in data science – including academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, quantitative and technical abilities, leadership, communication skills, creativity, and critical thinking. A new admissions application, which includes three required essay questions and one optional essay question, is designed to provide insight into these factors. Alongside your academic background and professional experience, the admissions committee will read your essay responses to learn about you and assess your candidacy to the M.S. in Data Science program.

The final deadline to submit your application is January 18, 2019.

Good luck on your application! If you are interested in learning more about how we evaluate applications, be sure to check out our upcoming blog post on the subject.