Data Science Masters

The MSDS program is excited to partner with your organization and to establish a recruiting pipeline from our data science program to your company. If you are interested in developing professional relationships with our students and alumni, please review the following options and reach out to with any questions:

Data Science Career Fair

The MSDS program co-sponsors a Data Science Career Fair every February. The career fair is an opportunity to engage with our students and recruit them for internships and full-time positions.

Meet and Greet

The MSDS program can work with your organization to set up an in-person meet and greet session. These are informal sessions where you can talk with students about their skills and interests as well as share opportunities that exist at your company.

Headquarters Tour

The MSDS program is willing to work with your organization to arrange for our students to attend a guided tour of your headquarters.

Panel Discussions

Meet students by having a member of your organization participate in an MSDS career panel.

Sponsor a Branded Scholarship

Sponsoring a branded scholarship for MSDS students can help support promising young data scientists and foster interest in your company.

Custom Event

The MSDS program is open to partnering with your organization to host a custom event.