Data Science Masters

Photograph of Adrian Dobra

Adrian Dobra is the Program Chair for the Master of Science in Data Science program. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and core faculty in the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences. His research focuses on the development of high-dimensional multivariate spatiotemporal models, variable and model selection, and graphical models.

Interdisciplinary Data Science Group

The Interdisciplinary Data Science Group provides strategic guidance on the direction of the Master of Science in Data Science program. It includes faculty representatives from each of the six departments and schools that have collaborated to offer the MSDS degree.

Cecilia Aragon

Photograph of Cecilia Aragon

Professor, Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering

Research: Human-centered data science, computer-supported cooperative work, and the statistical and computational techniques of data science.

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Patrick Heagerty

Photograph of Patrick Heagerty

Professor and Chair, Department of Biostatistics

Research: Biomarkers, Longitudinal and Multilevel Data, Correlated Data, Epidemiology, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Statistical Computing

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Bill Howe

Photograph of Bill Howe

Associate Professor, Information School

Research: Data science, Database models and languages, Machine learning, visualization, HCI, and high-performance computing.

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J. Nathan Kutz

Photograph of J. Nathan Kutz

Robert Bolles and Yasuko Endo Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics

Research: Data Science, Machine Learning, Mathematical, Neuroscience, Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures

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Brian Leroux

Photograph of Brian Leroux

Professor, Department of Biostatistics

Research: Statistical methods for correlated data, with applications in dental research and other fields with Ph.D. in statistics

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David Ribes

Photograph of David Ribes

Associate Professor, Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering

Research:  Intersection of sociology, philosophy, and history, how research infrastructures can support scientific investigations across changes in technology, policy, and social organization.

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Thomas Richardson

Photograph of Thomas Richardson

Professor, Department of Statistics

Research: Graphical models, algorithmic model selection, Bayesian inference, causal models, applications in economics.

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Eli Shilzerman

Photograph of Eli Shilzerman

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics

Research: Data Science, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Neuroscience, Scientific Computing

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Dan Suciu

Photograph of Dan Suciu

Professor, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering

Research: probabilistic databases and semistructured data, Data security and querying unreliable and inconsistent data sources

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Jevin West

Photograph of Jevin West

Assistant Professor, Information School

Research: Data Science, Network Science, Scholarly Communication, scholarly communication and intellectual property, building models, algorithms and interactive visualizations

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