Data Science Masters

The interdisciplinary curriculum was developed by leading faculty from six top-ranked departments and schools across the University of Washington:

Our Industry Advisory Board supports curriculum innovation and ensures that the MSDS degree is cutting-edge and industry-relevant. The Industry Advisory Board includes esteemed data science experts from Amazon, Boeing, Fidelus Cybersecurity, Google, Instacart, Meta, Microsoft, Pallet, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Securonix, Shopify, and Twitter.

Degree Requirements

To earn the Master of Science in Data Science degree, students must complete 45 credits, consisting of eight core courses (40 credits) and a two-quarter capstone project (5 credits).


Course descriptions are available here.

The Master of Science in Data Science curriculum is designed to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed for a successful career in data science. It emphasizes practical proficiency in applying the relevant skills through courses in statistical modeling, data management, machine learning, data visualization, software engineering, research design, data ethics, and user experience. Depending on the course, students can expect an emphasis on Python and R programming and some assignments in Java.

Many of the courses will emphasize team-based data analysis and engineering work and will involve working in small groups to complete one or more guided practicum projects per quarter. The final two quarters include a capstone project where students get to solve a real-world challenge facing an external organization.

Full-Time and Part-Time Formats

The Master of Science in Data Science program is available in two formats: full-time or part-time. Both formats offer the same industry-relevant curriculum, the same world-class faculty, and the same premier data science degree. You can choose the format that meets your academic and professional goals.

Full-Time Program

Our 1.5-year, full-time program offers a quick and clear pathway to earn your master’s degree and accelerate your career in data science. Our full-time program is an excellent fit for recent college graduates who want to begin their careers in data science. It is also a strong option for experienced professionals who want to transition careers or advance their careers by fully immersing themselves in a data science program. Our full-time students come to us from across the country and around the world with the goal of accelerating their data science careers. Students on an F-1 visa must enroll in the full-time program.

  • Location: Seattle
  • When you start: Fall Quarter
  • Time to complete: 1.5 years
  • Courses per quarter: 2 courses
  • Hours per week: 40 hours on average

Part-Time Program

Our part-time program allows students to build their skills without interrupting their careers, while offering the same cutting-edge curriculum as the full-time format. The convenient evening courses enable students to earn a data science degree without putting their careers on hold. It is beneficial for Seattle-based professionals. Our current part-time students include professionals who work full-time at organizations throughout the Seattle area. Our part-time program allows students to apply what they learn today in their workplace tomorrow.

  • Location: Seattle
  • When you start: Fall Quarter
  • Time to complete: 2.5 years
  • Courses per quarter: 1 course
  • Hours per week: 20 hours on average

Sample Course Plans

Full-Time Course Plan   Part-Time Course Plan

The Cohort Experience

Students generally progress through their coursework as a cohort. One of the benefits of the cohort experience is that students are able to build their professional network. Students in the MSDS program come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, which allows students to establish connections across industries. By building these professional connections, students are able to advance their career development.

As students build professional connections, they also build friendships with their cohort members. For out-of-state or international students, these friendships also help to cushion the effects from the notorious Seattle-freeze. Since a cohort spends a large portion of their time together, students are able to establish friendships that last even after they have graduated from the program. The sense of community within an MSDS cohort also translates into a dynamic learning environment. Many of the courses are interactive and emphasize group discussion and team-based assignments. This allows students to not only learn from their instructors, but also from their cohort members.