Data Science Masters

The UW MSDS interdisciplinary faculty come from six top-ranked departments and schools across the University of Washington, as well as thought leaders in local industry.

Adrian Dobra

Photograph of Adrian Dobra

Professor, Statistics department

Areas of focus: Development of high-dimensional multivariate spatiotemporal models and graphical models.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 556 (AU21)

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Megan Hazen

Photograph of Dubs the Husky

MSDS Capstone Director

Areas of focus: Neural networks, intelligent control systems, applied solutions.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 598 (AU21), DATA 590 (AU21), DATA 591 (WI22)

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Zaid Harchaoui

Photograph of Zaid Harchaoui

Professor, Department of Statistics


Areas of focus: Machine learning, statistical inference, numerical optimization.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 598 (WI22)

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Bernease Herman

Photograph of Bernease Herman

Data Science Fellow, Research Staff, UW eScience Institute


Areas of focus: Interpretable Machine Learning, algorithmic generation of human-understandable explanations of black box models.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 515 (WI22)

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Brian Leroux

Photograph of Brian Leroux

Professor, Department of Biostatistics


Areas of focus: Statistical methods for correlated data, with applications in dental research and other fields.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 557 (WI22)

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Nathan Mannheimer

Photograph of Nathan Mannheimer

Director, Data Science and ML Products, Tableau


Areas of focus: information visualization and communication in data science, interpretable and trusted machine learning, ML model training and deployment workflows

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 511 (AU21, SU22)


David W. McDonald

Photograph of David McDonald

Professor, Human Centered Design & Engineering


Areas of focus: Computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), human-computer interaction (HCI), social computing, collaboration in Wikipedia.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 512 (AU21)

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Dan Suciu

Photograph of Dan Suciu

Microsoft Endowed Professor, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering

Areas of focus: Probabilistic databases and semistructured data, data security and querying unreliable and inconsistent data sources.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 516 (AU21), DATA 514 (SP22)

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Daniela Witten

Photograph of Daniela WittenProfessor, Biostatistics

Professor, Statistics


Area of focus: High-dimensional data and statistical learning, genomics, classification techniques, computational biology, multivariate methods, neuroscience.

MSDS classes 2021-22: DATA 558 (SP22)

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