Data Science Masters

David Afshartous

Photograph of David Afshartous

Senior Manager, Amazon

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Han Fang

Photograph of Han Fang

Senior Data Scientist, Facebook

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Jill Goldschneider

Photograph of Jill Goldschneider

Principal Data Scientist, IoTWoRKS by HCL

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Tim Hesterberg

Photograph of Tim Hesterberg

Senior Quantitative Analyst, Google

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Julie Letchner

Photograph of Julie Letchner

Director of Data Science, Textio

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Tom Mereckis

Photograph of Tom Mereckis

Data Scientist Group Manager, Microsoft

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Shuguang Song

Photograph of Shuguang Song

Senior Data Scientist, Boeing

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Suzanne Spencer

Photograph of Suzanne Spencer

Director of Clinical Analytics, Seattle Children’s Hospital

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Matt Taddy

Picture of Matt Taddy

VP Economic Technology and Chief Economist for North America, Amazon

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Mark Van Hollebeke

Picture of Mark Van Hollebeke

Principal Ethics Strategist, Microsoft

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