Department of Comparative Medicine

Health Certificates

Shipping animals?

You may request a domestic or international Health Certificate through the Veterinary Services office, in which your animals are housed. Please allow 5 business days for Veterinary Services to process your request. Last minute requests may incur an expedited fee. Instructions are as follows:


1.Once the Receiving Institution has approved the shipping date, submit a Health Certificate Request form with the required information. Supplemental documents may be uploaded via the online form.

2.Check and label all cages with the blue Health Certificate Request cards. You may obtain them from the facility Veterinary Services office.

3.Verify the correct animals are in the cages and they are identified accordingly.

4.Our team will notify you once the animals have been examined by a veterinarian and the certificate is signed and ready for pick up. The certificate will be posted on the door of the facility Veterinary Services office.


For International Shipments only

A USDA stamp of approval (endorsement) is required for all international Health Certificates.

PLAN AHEAD:  Once you obtain your signed Health Certificate (and supplemental documentation, if any) from Veterinary Services, the document(s) will need to be mailed/transported to the USDA office in Olympia, WA for endorsement.

For more information, contact your local USDA office at (360)753-9430 or visit their website.