Department of Comparative Medicine

Piper M. Treuting


 Professor and Vice Chair

D.V.M., Louisiana State University 1996
M.S., University of Washington 2000
Diplomate, ACVP 2001

P: 206-616-6725

Research, Service, and Training Interests

Dr. Treuting’s overarching research interest is focused on the pathology of genetically modified rodents and the use of animal models in translational study of human disease. She has extensive experience in the pathology of animal models of human diseases, discovery and preclinical research, and collaborates with diverse research groups. Dr. Treuting’s impact in research is recognized on an international level as she has been named by Clarivate Analytics on the 2016, 2018, and 2019 lists of Highly Cited Researchers (top 1% of researchers) and she is the recipient of the 2019 American College of Veterinary Pathologists Mid-Career Excellence Award for Leadership in Research. She is an active member of the ACVP,  as a founding member of the Comparative Pathology Special Interest Group, comparative pathology pre-meeting workshops organizer, as the chair of the Academic Leadership Special Interest Group, and most recently, she served as the chair of the Governance Task Force.  Her work for ACVP is recognized as a 2019 Presidential Awardee for dedication and service.

Dr. Treuting is the Editor-in-Chief, contributing author and photo editor of Comparative Anatomy and Histology: A Mouse and Human Atlas. She is a guest Co-Editor-in-Chief for Veterinary Pathology’s special topic issue on Aging. She is the editor of book reviews for Veterinary Pathology. Dr. Treuting coordinates the pathology coursework, rounds, and rotations offered by the Department of Comparative Medicine  (CMED 514, 512, 590; Comparative Pathology Rounds). She co-coordinates the Biology and Diseases of Laboratory Animal course series (CMED 520/530 521/531), and the Biology of the Mouse (CMED 407). Dr. Treuting also trains and mentors select residents interested in achieving ACVP board certification. She is an adjunct Professor in the UW Department of Pathology. Administratively, as Vice Chair, a member of the faculty, and Dean’s Standing Committee on Women in Medicine and Science, she supports and advances the varied academic, service, and research activities of the department, School of Medicine, and the University of Washington.

Complete Bibliography

Selected Publications (out of 111)

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