Department of Comparative Medicine

Charlie C. Hsu

Associate Professor

Director, Transgenic Resources Program (TRP)
Director, In Vivo Services (IVS)
Co-Director, Gnotobiotic Animal Core (GNAC)
Co-Director, Husbandry Operations
BS, MIT 1998
VMD, University of Pennsylvania 2002
Diplomate, American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine 2006
PhD, University of Missouri 2007
I-442, Box 357340, Health Sciences Center
1705 NE Pacific St.
Seattle, WA 98195-7340
(206) 543-0474 (Office)

Research, Service, and Training Interests

After receiving a BS in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Hsu earned a VMD from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002 and a PhD in Veterinary Pathobiology at the University of Missouri in 2007 studying murine noroviruses. While at the University of Missouri, Dr. Hsu also completed a residency in Comparative Medicine and became board certified by the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine in 2006.  After spending 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Hsu joined the faculty at the UW Department of Comparative Medicine in 2012.  His research interests include the study of murine norovirus infection in laboratory mice and their impact on various mouse research models.  Dr. Hsu also has an interest in diagnostic testing, rodent health surveillance, and infectious diseases of laboratory rodents.

Complete Bibliography

Selected Publications

Antibody Production remains intact despite loss of bone marrow B cells in murine norovirus infected Stat1-/- mice.  Eldridge DE, Hsu CC.  2021.  Comp Med 71(6):502-511. PMCID: PMC8715767

Lack of effect of murine norovirus infection on the CD4+CD45RBhigh T-cell adoptive transfer mouse model of inflammatory bowel diseaseHsu CC, Patil K, Seamons A, Brabb TL, Treuting PM, Paik J, Meeker SM, Maggio-Price L.  2020.  Comp Med 70(1):16-24. PMCID: PMC7024779

Validation studies for germ-free Smad3-/- mice as a bio-assay to test the causative role of fecal microbiomes in IBD.  Paik J, Meeker S, Hsu CC, Seamons A, Pershutkina O, Snyder JM, Brabb T, Maggio-Price L.  2020.    Gut Microbes 11(1):21-31. PMCID: PMC6973324

Effect of chronic vitamin D deficiency on the development and severity of DSS-induced colon cancer in Smad3-/- mice.  Meeker SM, Seamons A, Treuting PM, Paik J, Brabb T, Hsu CC, Grady WM, Maggio-Price L.  2020.  Comp Med 70(2):120-130. PMCID: PMC7137544

Obstructive lymphangitis precedes colitis in murine norovirus‐infected Stat1‐deficient mice.  Seamons A, Treuting PM, Meeker S, Hsu CC, Paik J, Brabb T, Escobar SS, Alexander JS, Ericsson AC, Smith JG, Maggio‐Price L. 2018. Am J Pathol 188(7):1536‐1554. PMCID: PMC6109697

Murine norovirus inhibits B cell development in the bone marrow of STAT1-deficient mice.  Hsu CC, Meeker SM, Escobar S, Brabb TL, Paik J, Park H, Iritani BM, Maggio-Price L.  2018.    Virology 515:123-133.  PMCID: PMC5801037

Review: Histologic lesions induced by murine norovirus infection in laboratory miceHsu CC, Piotrowski SL, Meeker SM, Smith KD, Maggio-Price L, Treuting PM.  2016.  Vet Pathol 53(4):754-763. PMCID: PMC5586550

Effects of murine norovirus on Chlamydia pneumonia-accelerated atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- mice.  Patil K, Campbell LA, Rosenfeld ME, Paik J, Brabb T, O’Brien KD, Maggio-Price L, Hsu CC.  2016.  Comp Med 66(3):188-196. PMCID: PMC4907527

Murine norovirus infection variably alters atherosclerosis in mice lacking apolipoprotein-EHsu CC, Paik J, Brabb TL, O’Brien KD, Kim J, Sullivan B, Hudkins K, Seamons A, Finley J, Meeker SM, Maggio-Price L.  2015.  Comp Med 65(5):369-381. PMCID: PMC4617328

Isolation of segmented filamentous bacteria from complex gut microbiota.  Ericsson AC, Turner G, Montoya L, Wolfe A, Meeker S, Hsu CC, Maggio-Price L, Franklin CL.  2015.  BioTechniques 59(2):94-98. PMID: 26260088