Department of Comparative Medicine

Requirements, Master’s of Science in Comparative Medicine

The following may be taken for graded credit for those graduate students interested in obtaining an advance degree and account for 10 of the 18 UW-required graded credits. Additional graded credits must be obtained via graded coursework in other departments.

CMED 514 Comparative Pathology (1 credit hour)

CMED  516  Research & Literature Review Seminar (1 credit hour)

CMED  518  Clinical Conference and Comparative Pathology Seminar (1 credit hour)

CMED 540 Animal Models (2 credit hours)

CMED 700 Masters Thesis (variable credit)

UCONJ 510 Introductory Laboratory Based Biostatistics (2 credit hours)

Electives, Master’s of Science in Comparative Medicine

CMED 590 Selected Topics (2 credit hours each) by permission of instructor

  • Pathology rounds
  • Research lab rotations
  • Manuscript preparation and publication
  • Special topics on individual basis
  • Facilities