Corporate & Foundation Relations

Process guidance

Gift or sponsored programs?

Gifts and sponsored programs: definitions
Learn how the University of Washington defines gifts and sponsored programs and how those definitions affect how to apply for, accept and report on foundation or corporate funding.

When you need an eGC1
The eGC1 is an online UW form that summarizes information about a grant application and routes it electronically for review and approval before submission to a funder. Learn about the situations in which you’ll need to complete an eGC1.

UW vs. UW Foundation

Learn whether to apply for funding as the UW or the UW Foundation
Both the University of Washington and the University of Washington Foundation can accept funding from corporations and foundations. Learn which entity to use on applications and agreements.

University of Washington legal, financial and tax information
University of Washington documents and information often requested by funders.

UW Foundation legal, financial and tax information
UW Foundation documents and information often requested by funders.

Accepting and processing awards

Get signatures
Faculty members cannot sign gift or grant agreements on behalf of the UW or the UW Foundation. Learn how to get the appropriate institutional signatures.

Process payments
Access required forms and contact the people and offices that process awards made to the UW and the UW Foundation.

UW gift, grant and contract databases

Get information about gifts, grants and contracts, including pending proposals and records of invoices, payments and reports.

Limited Submission information

Learn more about the limited submission process

Technical overviews of limited submission opportunities