Corporate & Foundation Relations

Interim FY24 Grant Data

Click here to access the interim proposals and awards reports. 

  • These reports are meant to temporarily take the place of the Research Awards and Research Proposals reports formerly available to you in EDW/BI Portal. This information should be used for stewardship and informational purposes only. Do not use the information in these reports to determine donor giving or for determining progress against unit fundraising goals.
  • The information is being provided in raw form and contains both private and public funding sources for the entire university.
  • Information contained in the Proposal report is coming from SAGE just as it was prior to the Workday conversion. The dates reflect the date the eGC1 is “in OSP” for review.
  • The Awards report contains information obtained from new data sources resulting from the Workday conversion. We are not certain which dates are being used to pull this information, but we have been told that this report reflects activity from 7/1/23 to 12/31/23. We believe it is based on when an award (AWD) was set up in Workday.
    • Filter by Column P to remove public funding entities and see only private entities.
    • Filter by Column AD to see the award information for your unit only. In Workday terms, this is your Cost Center.
    • In Column A, you may see multiple award lines for a single award. This is a reflection of how awards are set up in Workday. Use Column “S” to see the total amount of the award. When there are multiple lines associated with a single award, you will only use the amount in column S once, as the total amount of the award is listed for each line but there is only one award.
    • In Column E you may see “advance spend.” Advance spend awards show $0 in Column S. That does not mean the award amount is $0, it means an advance budget has been authorized to allow spending prior to the award being finalized. We believe the large number of these is due to the current ASR processing backlog in OSP and GCA. You can estimate the amount of the award by looking it up in SAGE Central (formerly known as SPAERC), or by finding the corresponding eGC1 number in the Proposal Report.