Corporate & Foundation Relations


CFR Toolkit

Do you want to learn a little more about the tools used in CFR work? Need a refresher on how best to use the tools of the trade? Are you in a role where CFR is not your main job function but you are sometimes asked to support faculty members’ interactions with corporations, foundations and other organizational funders? This half-day workshop is for you! We will go over:

  • GIMs (the grant information memoranda that govern UW sponsored projects)
  • EDW (the UW’s electronic data warehouse)
  • UW publications: what’s out there and how you might use them for CFR work (e.g., the UW Office of Research annual report, UW and UW Foundation financials, etc.)
  • GrantTracker
  • UW vs. UW Foundation

Audience: newer CFR staff and those who want a refresher

When: October 23, 2019, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Registration opens in September.

CFR Essentials

In this workshop, subject matter experts will provide an overview of the processes and systems that are essential to CFR work, including:

  • The difference between gifts, grants and contracts
  • Intellectual property and confidential disclosure agreements
  • The lifecycle of a sponsored project, including the roles of the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Grant & Contract Accounting function
  • The gift assessment and how it applies to organizations

Audience: all CFR staff and those involved in CFR work

When: May 5, 2020, all day. Session times to be announced.