Corporate & Foundation Relations

Working with foundations

Foundations fill an important niche, often leveraging their resources to make catalytic impact where other funders won’t venture.

Whereas government funders tend to fund projects likely to succeed, there are foundations that will fund pilot or proof-of-concept work or even seed new research directions. Some take risks on novel, untested ideas and emerging fields, and many invest in the researcher’s potential as well as his or her work. There is little that is standard about foundations.

Most foundations invest in projects with a clear purpose and defined beginning and ending. A few foundations provide general operating support, usually for a limited time and at a strategic point when that support can help an organization or project scale its impact. Foundations rarely fund endowments.

The University of Washington’s foundation relations staff members are available to answer questions, provide guidance and help you connect to potential funders.

Resources for finding foundations

Assessing fit and moving forward with a foundation

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