Corporate & Foundation Relations

When you need an eGC1

The eGC1 is an online University of Washington form that summarizes information about a grant application and routes it electronically for review and approval before submission to a funder. The eGC1 asks for the proposal narrative, budget, other required proposal information, resolution of policy issues and institutional approval signatures.

If you or a faculty member you’re working with is submitting a proposal for an award that is expected to be classified as a grant or contract, an eGC1 must be completed. Learn about the situations that require the completion of an eGC1.

Who prepares and submits the eGC1?

The principal investigator or research administrator on the research team prepare and submit the eGC1.

Advancement staff members should not enter or act as eGC1 approvers. If issues arise with the sponsor that require Advancement staff involvement, please be mindful that OSP should be kept apprised of all correspondence with the funder relating to the proposal as OSP is responsible for approving for submission all of the information contained in the final proposal.

Submitting eGC1s for proposals from the UW Foundation

If an award to the UW Foundation is expected to be classified as a grant, an eGC1 is required.

eGC1s for letters of inquiry (LOIs) and pre-proposals

LOIs do not strictly require an eGC1 prior to submission, but a unit can submit an eGC1 if review by the OSP is desired. If the LOI contains a detailed budget or the research requires Institutional Review Board approvals, the eGC1 should be completed prior to submitting the LOI to the funder.

Pre-proposals for the limited submissions internal review committee do not need an eGC1. Once the pre-proposal is selected by the committee to go forward, an eGC1 must be completed before submission to the funder.

The role of the Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for making sure grant and contract proposals submitted to funders are complete, accurate and in compliance with UW policies. OSP also ensures that the terms of any subsequent grant or contract award are acceptable to the UW and the UW Foundation.

OSP reviews the information submitted in the eGC1 and may request clarifications, additional information or changes from the unit before OSP staff approve the proposal for submission to the funder. Upon submission of the eGC1, OSP assigns the proposal an application number that should be used on all future internal correspondence concerning the proposal.

OSP’s approval of the eGC1 for submission is required before the proposal is submitted to the funder. This applies to proposals submitted from the UW as well as from the UW Foundation. With a few exceptions (such as proposals for the W.M. Keck Foundation and the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust), units submit final OSP-approved proposals to private funders.

For UW Foundation proposals, central Corporate & Foundation Relations prepares cover letters and obtains all UW Foundation signatures. We initiate the signature process only by OSP request and upon notification of an approved eGC1.

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