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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statements

Section 40—Personnel

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40.1   Types of University Personnel
40.2   Designation of Classified and Professional Staff Employees Who Perform Essential Services
41.1   Salary Payments and Employment Periods for Academic Personnel
41.2   Faculty Recruiting Deadline
42.1   Professional Staff Program
43.1   Employee Representative Access—Organizing and Conduct of Business
43.2   Payroll Deduction for Union Contract Covered Employee Representative Dues and Fees
43.11   Promotion Policy for Classified Non-Union Positions
43.12   Salary Determination Policy for Classified Non-Union Staff Covered by the State Department of Personnel Rules
43.13   Probation and Trial Service Policy for Classified Non-Union Staff
43.14   Performance Management Policy for Classified Non-Union Staff
43.15   Time Off and Leave of Absence for Classified Non-Union Staff
43.16   Corrective Action Policy for Permanent Classified Non-Union Staff Covered by State Department of Personnel Rules
44.1   Student Employee Compensation
44.3   University Employment of Minors
45.2   Time Off Use and Compensation for Classified and Professional Staff During Suspended Operations and During Inclement Weather
45.3   Holiday Policy for Classified Non-Union, Contract-Classified, and Professional Staff
45.4   Leave Related to Active Military Duty
45.5   Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Coverage for University Employees
45.6   State of Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Program
45.7   Overtime Eligibility and Compensation for Staff Employees
45.9   Organ Donation Leave Sharing Policy
45.10   Shared Leave Program for Time Off Accruing Staff, Students, Librarians, and Educators
46.1   Guidelines for Preemployment Inquiries
46.2   Affirmative Action Program
46.3   Resolution of Complaints Against University Employees
46.4   Statements to Ensure Equal Opportunity and Reasonable Accommodation
46.5   Reasonable Accommodation of Employees with Disabilities
46.6   Service Animals
46.7   Reasonable Accommodation of Pregnant Employees
46.8   Domestic Violence in the Workplace and Reasonable Accommodations and Leave Related to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking
47.1   Summary of the State Employee Whistleblower Act
47.2   Personal Use of University Facilities, Computers, and Equipment by University Employees
47.3   Outside Consulting Activities and Part-Time Employment by Professional or Classified Staff Employees
47.4   University Restitution Process for Financial Losses or Irregularities
47.5   Acceptance of Gifts or Contributions from Representatives of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry
47.6   Policy for Employee Participation in Post-Season Athletics Events
47.10   Policy on Financial Irregularities and Other Related Illegal Acts

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