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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Promotion Policy for Classified Non-Union Positions

(Approved by the Executive Vice President by authority of Administrative Order No. 9)

1.  Policy

It is the purpose of this policy to establish that an employing official may designate a classified non-union position vacancy as available only to "organizational unit promotion candidates." This policy:

  • Defines an organizational unit promotional candidate for classified non-union positions;

  • Defines an organizational unit for promotional purposes; and

  • Establishes the preference extended to organizational unit promotion candidates.

2.  Promotional Organization Units

Any administrative entity with discrete budget authority is considered an "organizational unit" for promotion purposes. A large organizational unit can be made up of smaller organizational units. Examples of organizational units include, but are not limited to:  a school, college, department, division, administrative unit, medical center, or operational department within a medical center.

3.  Promotional Candidate

A promotional candidate is a permanent classified non-union employee who is applying for a classified non-union position having a higher salary range maximum than the employee's current position.

4.  Organizational Unit Promotion and Job Posting

When an employing official determines that there are likely to be sufficient classified non-union promotional candidates within the organizational unit to fill one or more vacant classified non-union positions, the employing official may restrict the applicant pool to classified non-union organizational unit promotion candidates.

The official may also make a organizational unit promotion postings available to other organizational applicants as follows:

  • Classified non-union employees in the unit who wish to transfer, move laterally, or voluntarily demote;

  • Contract-classified staff who wish to apply for a classified non-union position;

  • Professional staff who wish to apply for a classified non-union position.

If a position is being made available to other than classified non-union organizational unit promotion candidates, the job positing will state whether or not organizational promotion candidates will receive priority in consideration over other organizational unit applicants. If the employing official is not able to fill a position from the organizational promotion applicant pool, the position may be reposted without the organizational unit promotion restriction.

5.  Other Classified Non-Union Job Postings

The application of a classified non-union employee for a classified non-union position that is not restricted to organizational unit promotion will be considered before those of other applicants provided the individual meets all job competency and skill requirements. Such consideration does not extend to include any preference in the selection and hiring process.

6.  Additional Information

Contact the appropriate Human Resources Service Team Member listed on the Human Resources Service Team Assignments web page.

January 19, 2006.