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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Policy for Employee Participation in Post-Season Athletic Events

(Approved by the President by authority of the Board of Regents, Standing Orders, Chapter 1)

1.  Authority

RCW 28B.10.703 provides the University of Washington with the statutory authority to establish programs of intercollegiate athletic competition and participate in athletic conferences. As a member of the PAC-10 Athletic Conference, the University is required to participate in post-season bowl games for which it qualifies.

All travel and related expenses to a post-season athletic event for the University delegation may be paid from funds received from the bowl committees, PAC-10 Conference, or other outside sources, and not from any other University funds.

2.  Policy

The business of the University is education; maintaining of an intercollegiate athletic program is an important element in the education process. An athletic program is important to the institution and the student body. For college students, athletics offers an opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn teamwork, build self-confidence, and perfect self-discipline. In addition, for many student athletes, physical skills are a passport to college admissions and scholarships.

It is important for the University to support student athletes and use athletic events to promote the University. The following shall constitute a part of a program aimed at achieving these goals:

A.   Policy for Faculty, Officers, Professional and Temporary Staff

All University officers, deans, professional staff, temporary employees and faculty, if required by the President, shall attend designated post-season athletic events as part of their official duties and represent the University, engage in development activities for the University, support University athletes, monitor academic welfare and compliance with University, PAC-10, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulations, and perform other functions as directed by the President. In consideration of an individual's performance of his or her regular duties as well as any additional responsibilities placed on an individual when he or she attends a designated athletic event, he or she may elect to bring his or her spouse or partner and dependent children to the event. The University may pay as compensation all costs associated with bringing a spouse or partner and dependent children to an event and its related activities, in accordance with University travel regulations and, where relevant, NCAA and/or PAC-10 conference regulations. Compensation paid by the University shall not exceed costs associated with bringing the spouse or partner and dependent children to the event and related activities including but not limited to airfare, other travel costs such as rental car or bus fare, lodging, subsistence, and cost of admission to the game and all related events.

Family travel expenses shall be paid in accord with applicable Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations.

B.   Policy for Classified Staff

Classified staff may be required to attend post-season athletic events as part of their official duties. In the event they are required to attend such events, the University shall cover all travel expenses in compliance with the applicable University and state laws, regulations, and policies. Official duties may include attendance at the post-season game and all associated activities.

3.  Additional Information

For further information contact:

  • Special Assistant to
        the President
  • Phone:
    Campus mail:
    Box 351230

  • Office of the Director of
        Intercollegiate Athletics            
  • Phone:
    Campus mail:
    Box 354070

    January 11, 2002.