Rules Coordination Office

The UW’s Rules Coordination Office oversees the University’s rule-making process, including the review, creation, amendment, and repeal of the UW’s Washington Administrative Code rules (Title 478 WAC). In carrying out this function, the office works with the UW unit promulgating the rule, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Office of the Board of Regents for final adoption. In addition, the office maintains the UW rule-making docket; plans and facilitates public hearings; produces the required legal notices for the press; and publishes the WAC chapters in the UW Policy Directory.

The Rules Coordination Office also coordinates policy codification, reviews and approvals, and publication of the Administrative Policy Statements, the Board of Regents Governance, Presidential Orders, the Faculty Code and Governance, and the Student Governance and Policies. The office assists in the development, review, and maintenance of these orders and policies for the University, and serves as a consultant to the University’s administration and departments for documentation of University-wide policies and rules.

Recent Updates

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