The following resources can serve as a starting point for finding state and local programs where students with disabilities can learn about technology.

According to the Assistive Technology Act Technical Assistance and Training Center (ATC3): "All 50 states, four US territories, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico receive formula grant funding under Section 4 of the Assistive Technology (AT) Act of 2004. These 56 grantees are required to carry out a continuum of specified state level and state leadership activities that promote the ability of people with disabilities to know about, have access to, and ultimately be better able to obtain assistive technology (AT)."  You can use their program directory to find your state program.

Some high schools sponsor after-school technology clubs and some community organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America provide technology classes after school and/or during the summer. Some community colleges and libraries provide technology training and support.

Other local resources include organizations focused on specific disabilities, such as Easter SealsUnited Cerebral Palsy (UCP) or Lighthouse for the Blind

For additional resources consult DO-IT's Accessible Technology resource page.