Although each situation is different and the student is the best source of information regarding useful accommodations, the following are some accommodations that should help to make the laboratory safer for students with visual impairments and all of the students in your class:

  • All written instructions should be provided in electronic or Braille format.
  • Visual warnings, such as flashing lights, should be paired with audible alarms.
  • For a lab where the student must make visual observations, particularly if safety is involved, pair the student with a student who is not visually impaired, and make sure both students have a role to play in the group.
  • Keep paths to exits clear, and try to keep furniture and other objects out of the path.
  • Make sure all students know where the safety equipment in the room is located, and make Braille or tactile labels.

For more information consult Accessibility in the Laboratory, published by the American Chemical Society, and visit the Science Labs area of the AccessSTEM Room.