Employers may encounter a variety of barriers to recruiting interns with disabilities. These include:

  • Inaccessible websites. If the job application is inaccessible, individuals with disabilities cannot apply. Promoting accessibility within a company can help to prevent such issues.
  • Difficulty connecting with candidates with disabilities. Companies may find reaching out to disability services offices at universities to be a good way to find students with disabilities interested in applying for jobs and internships. Other sources for candidates include social service agencies such as the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, veterans service offices, and Centers for Independent Living. AccessComputing Industry Partners program, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science EntryPoint! internship program can also help connect employers with students.
  • Candidates don’t feel welcome during the job application process. Creating an environment that is welcoming and where applicants feel comfortable disclosing their disability can attract more applicants with disabilities to an employer.

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