Being informed can help you as you move through your career. Check out these resources, which can help you be successful in faculty positions.

Accommodating Faculty Members Who Have Disabilities
This report from the American Association of University Professors discusses potential accommodations that could benefit faculty with disabilities.

AccessComputing Partners
Many of our partners have disabilities. We welcome faculty with disabilities to join our community to find a welcoming group of faculty and others interested in issues surrounding disability.

CMD-IT Academic Careers Workshop
The Center for Minorities and People with Disabilities' Academic Career Workshop mentors under-represented assistant- and associate-level faculty and senior doctoral students about the academic career ladder.

The Computing Research Association Committee on Widening Participation in Computing Research (CRA-WP) 
CRA-WP strives to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on all underrepresented groups in computing and has a strong history of including people with disabilities in their work.

Grad Cohort Workshop for Underrepresented Minorities and Persons with Disabilities
This workshop aims to increase the ranks of senior underrepresented minorities and persons with disabilities in computing research by building and mentoring nationwide communities through their graduate studies.

FLIP (Diversifying Future Leadership in the Professoriate) Alliance
 The FLIP Alliance brings together the very small number of computing departments responsible for producing the majority of the professoriate with individuals and organizations that understand how to recruit, retain, and develop students from underrepresented groups in order to create a network that can change the demographic diversity of the professoriate across the entire field.