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Ensuring that K-12 computer science education is accessible to students with disabilities requires dialogue. There are several ways that you can engage with AccessCSforAll to learn more about accessibility, programming tools, and more.

Join the AccessCSforAll Community of Practice

AccessCSforAll hosts a Community of Practice (CoP) for its diverse group of stakeholders. Communicating via email and other electronic tools, CoP members, including faculty and other professionals, discuss strategies and share resources for discussing effective teaching of students with disabilities and accessible tools and curricula.

You and your colleagues can join our CoP by sending the following information to


Partners are a crucial component of the AccessCSforAll project. Research Practitioner Partnership (RPP) Partners work together with AccessCSforAll in a variety of ways. The RPP schools work with the project to help make sure the curriculum is accessible and appropriate for their particular students’ needs. Development Partners help create more accessible tools and curricula.

For more information about becoming an AccessCSforAll partner, email


AccessCSforAll (formerly AccessCS10K) works to increase the successful participation of students with disabilities in K-12 computing. K-12 students with disabilities in computing courses may encounter tools and curricula that are inaccessible to screen readers used by students who are blind or have reading-related disabilities such as dyslexia. Content embedded in images without text-based alternatives accessible by screen readers also creates barriers.


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