There are various resources for helping neurodivergent job seekers find jobs and careers. For example, the Neurodiversity Career Connector includes a collection of employers committed to hiring neurodivergent employees as well as providing additional training and support to foster success and career growth. The Neurodiversity in the Workplace combines job posting services with business consultancy services, to help businesses develop policies and services to support neurodiverse employees.

Some specific companies are eager to hire neurodivergent employees. For example, Microsoft offers a program called Simplify Neurodiversity Career Connector and SAS has a specialized Autism Spectrum Internship Program for current students. Other examples of specific company programs can be found in the knowledge base article Where can I find employment resources for students with disabilities?

For other employment resources, check out AccessComputing’s employment resources page and the knowledge base article What resources can help students with disabilities find and apply for jobs?