Many companies are looking to increase the diversity of their workforce and are looking to hire people with disabilities. You can register with several employment websites that focus on neurodiverse job seekers. There are also two disability- and diversity-focused resume databases that many employers use to connect with potential employees with disabilities; make sure to upload your resume to both of them!

Disability- and Neurodiveristy-Focused Employment Websites (alphabetical order)

Chronically Capable
Chronically Capable is a job site that works to remove the fear and stigma of living with chronic illness or disability from the hiring process and employers who sign up to Chronically Capable  sign on to the belief that people living with chronic illness or disability are capable of being productive employees so jobseekers who use the platform can feel secure that participating employers care about their success.

Disability Solutions
Disability Solutions works closely with employers to help recruit applicants with disabilities. As part of that process they offer consulting services to ensure that a company’s application portal and processes are fully accessible and provide training to hiring managers. 

Evenbreak is based in the United Kingdom, but does list job opportunities for most major US cities and say that employers who have chosen to place their vacancies on Evenbreak are  serious about looking beyond an applicant’s  disabilities to identify what skills they have to offer.

Hire Autism 
Hire Autism is a free program led and run by the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). With an active jobs board and by offering resources for employers and job seekers alike, Hire Autism aims to expand opportunities for autistic individuals and serve as a continuing resource for them in their workplaces.

Inclusively goes beyond a candidate’s background, working to matching a candidate’s experience, skills, and accommodations needed to succeed in the jobs posted to the Inclusively site.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace
Neurodiversity in the Workplace goes beyond matching applicants to potential jobs; they work to help prepare successful applicants for the job and integration into the employer’s culture, as well as working with the employer to prepare colleagues for their new co-worker.

Peak Performers
Peak Performers has been working for 26 years to help people with disabilities find jobs. Once you submit your resume, a Peak Performers recruiter will review it and look for job matches. 

Microsoft’s Simplify Neurodiversity Career Connector
More than just Microsoft, the Neurodiversity Career Connector works with more than 40 employers specifically interested in hiring neurodiverse employees. 

Stanford Neurodiversity Project
This project establishes a culture around the strengths of neurodiversity, empowers neurodiverse individuals to build their identity and enhance their long-term skills, trains and teaches individuals how to work within a neurodiverse population, and aims to maximize the potential of neurodiversity. They host a Neurodiversity at Work program for job-seekers, current employees, and employers.

Zavikon provides recruitment, workplace readiness, and job accommodation identification and advocacy for individuals with disabilities or those who are neurodivergent. They also provide education and guidance to employers to support a successful employment relationship.

Resume Databases

Many companies are looking to increase the diversity of their workforce and are looking to hire people with disabilities. Submit a resume to two databases used by employers used to find diverse employees.

Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
The Tapia resume database begins taking submissions in the summer before the conference start of the conference and closes in the fall after the conference is over. You’ll need to subscribe to the Tapia mailing list to receive notice of when the resume database begins taking submissions.  You do not have to attend the Tapia conference in order to submit your resume to the Taipa resume database
AnitaB/Grace Hopper Celebration of Women is an annual conference with a year-round employment site where you can upload your resume. AnitaB specializes in supporting women and non-binary individuals succeed in technology. You do not have to attend the conference to submit your resume to the AnitaB resume database.