Multiple eGC1s Linked to a Budget

As you manage an awarded project over time, you might link more than one eGC1 to the same SAGE Budget. When that occurs, there are several things to consider.

Editing Linked eGC1s and their Budget

Generally, you cannot edit an eGC1 in Routing or In OSP status or its linked budget. When you link multiple eGC1s to the same budget, none of the eGC1s or the budget are editable if any one eGC1 is Routing or In OSP.

Shared eGC1 Data: Contacts & Assign Access

Information on the Contacts & Assign Access page is shared across all of the eGC1s and the budget that links them. If you make a change on any one of the eGC1s or the budget, it affects all of the other linked items.

For example, assume you have an older Approved or Awarded eGC1 linked to a budget. You then link a new eGC1 to the same budget. If you make changes on the new eGC1’s Contacts & Assign Access page, those changes will happen on the older eGC1 and the budget also. This ensures that the current contacts receive any system email notifications sent concerning either related eGC1.

Shared eGC1 Data: Research Personnel

Similarly, if you make a change to the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page on any of the linked eGC1s, it will display on all of the other linked eGC1s. You can change the PI, add or delete other personnel, or update an investigator’s status. Once an eGC1 has reached Approved status, the Post-Approval Personnel Changes section displays at the bottom of the page and lists any changes.

The intent is to maintain one up-to-date list of the research personnel working on the project, for the purposes of significant financial interest (SFI) disclosures. When you add new investigators to the list, they will have to create a disclosure for the older eGC1 in addition to the new one.

Note: changes to the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page do not affect the personnel listed on the linked budget.

Any personnel changes you make to an eGC1 after approval do not affect the approval graph. It remains as it was at time of approval. The list of people on the cost share page will be the people who were on the eGC1 at time of OSP approval. Personnel that you add post-approval do not display on this page.

Also, the eGC1 Snapshot on the approval History & Comments page will still show the data as it was at the time that person approved.