SAGE Budget Overview

SAGE Budget enables you to create accurate, detailed budgets for your grant and contract proposals, and for your award and modification requests. The comprehensive budget minimizes errors and improves data quality.

To Create a New Budget

To get started creating a new SAGE Budget, review the Budget List and Create article.

To Copy an Existing Budget

To make a copy of an existing budget, review the Budget Copy and Delete article.

Why use SAGE Budget?

  • It’s simple. Select a start date, and begin entering costs.
  • It’s accurate. SAGE Budget automatically populates your budget with real-time salary and benefits information, calculates budget totals for each period, and identifies the correct F&A rate.
  • It’s efficient. It applies inflation rates for Salary, Tuition, and other line items across budget periods. It can cascade entries on non-salary line items, so the values you enter in one budget period are automatically propagated to subsequent budget periods.
  • It’s flexible. With the click of a button, you can copy a budget and reuse it as a template for future budgets.
  • It’s tailored for the UW Research Community. SAGE Budget is customized to comply with UW Accounting Rules, so you needn’t memorize object codes or look up the latest F&A rates.
  • It’s convenient. Connect your budget to an eGC1 or award request, and they will route together so reviewers can easily see budget details in a standard format.
  • It’s a time saver. If you are creating a Grant Runner application and using the RR Detailed Budget, connecting your budget to your application will automatically populate the form.

When you might not want to use SAGE Budget

  • Currently SAGE Budget does not fully support CRBB budgets.

Additional Information

  • For more information on preparing a budget, review the Office of Sponsored Program’s Budget Development page.
  • Departmental ASTRA Authorizers provide access to the SAGE system. The Accessing SAGE page provides more details.