Budget Header and Navigation

Budget Header

All budgets display a header section across the top of the page. This header remains visible regardless of what part of the budget you are viewing. The following image show an example budget header, in two parts to accommodate its width.

budget header example

The header contains the following items, reading from left to right.

  • A blue arrow, pointing to the left, which is a link back to your Budget List
  • The budget title, default value is “New Budget”
  • The budget number, for example: B100014
  • Total Project Costs amount, sum of Total Direct Costs and F&A
  • Total Direct Costs amount, sum of direct costs for the budget
  • TDC Less Sub F&A amount, appears if there is a subaward worksheet, or if you chose TDC Less Sub F&A as the spending target
  • Subrecipient F&A amount, appears if there is a subaward worksheet, or if chose TDC Less Sub F&A as the spending target
  • Facilities & Administrative amount, sum of F&A for the budget
  • If an eGC1 is linked to the budget, the eGC1 number and the linked budget period display. Clicking on the application number will open a new tab displaying the eGC1.
  • At the far right, a “more options” menu icon appears. The icon is three, blue vertical dots. The menu choices are:

Note:  You can click on the value in the header that is your

Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is a list of links for navigating within your budget. When you select a link, it will be highlighted with a light gray shading. The following image shows an example of the budget’s left navigation menu, both expanded (on the left) and collapsed (on the right).

left navigation menu, expanded and collapsed

The possible links on the menu are:

  • Summary (All Worksheets) displays the Budget Summary (icon: clipboard with checkmark)
  • Primary Worksheet displays the initial worksheet automatically created for a new budget. If you rename this worksheet, the new name will appear. It will always be the first worksheet listed. (icon: star)
  • Links for any added sub-budget worksheets, in order of creation, regardless of type. Either the default name or your edited name will appear.
    • Internal UW icon: mortar board/graduation hat
    • Subaward icon: handshake
    • Fabrication icon: building
  • Add Worksheet opens the Add a Worksheet dialog (icon: blue plus sign)
  • Budget Settings displays the settings sections (icon: gear)
  • History displays the point-in-time snapshots (icon: clock)
  • Collapse Panel allows you to reduce the left navigation panel so that it displays just the icons, to provide more screen width. (icon: blue caret)