Custom F&A Base Types

Create a Custom Base

There will be times when you want to select a more limited set of object and sub-object codes for your own custom base. A custom base must be specified in the sponsor instructions.

  1. Open the worksheet that needs the custom base, and open its settings panel.
  2. Select the Enable Custom F&A Settings, after you have entered an Activity Location and SPA Category.
  3. Open the Base Type field menu and select “Custom…”

custom f and a base selection

  • A dialog will display with all of the object codes you can add to the custom base.
  • Use the caret (>) to expand an object code section to choose individual sub-object codes.
  • Use the check boxes to select an entire object code. It will display a check mark.
    • When you have selected only some of the sub-object codes, the check box will display a dash (-). The image below shows an example of choices.

example selections of object and sub-object codes

  1. Select Save & Close at the bottom of the dialog to save your changes or Cancel to leave the dialog.

To edit your selections, use the Edit Object Codes Subject to F&A link. The number in parentheses following the link indicates the number of sub-object codes that are currently included in your custom base.