Total Direct Costs

This line displays after the (38) Unallocated line or after (19) APL, if you selected it.

The system automatically calculates this amount.

  • Total Direct Costs is the sum of the amounts for Object Codes 01 through 38, plus, if selected, (19) APL. It does not include (19-40) Department Fixed Fee.
  • Reference entries in the expanded section (on the parent worksheet)
    • Parent Budget TDC, excluding subcontracts = Total Direct Costs – the sum of Total Project Cost of any subcontract sub budgets
    • Subcontract(s) TDC, less F&A = sum of the Total Direct Costs for all subcontract sub budgets
    • Total Direct Costs Less Subcontract (Consortium) F&A = Total Direct Costs – sum of the F&A on any subcontract sub budgets
    • Entries for any internal or subcontract sub budgets
      • Internal sub budget entries display their Total Direct Cost
      • Subcontract sub budget entries display their Total Project Cost

The following image shows the three standard rows and additional rows for two sub budgets. One is a Subcontract, the other is a UW Internal sub budget.

example of expanded total direct costs line item