University of Washington

Creating a New Grant Runner eGC1

To create a new Grant Runner eGC1 using the Wizard:

  1. In SAGE, click the eGC1 Forms tab to display the My eGC1s page.
  2. Click the Create a new eGC1 button.
  3. Select Yes, continue with Grant Runner.
  4. Click Next.
    The Grant Runner Wizard page will appear.
  5. Complete Step 1 by entering the Organization Code Receiving Funding.
    Click Next.
  6. Complete Step 2 by selecting a Sponsor.
    Click Next.
  7. Complete Step 3 by selecting Yes.
    Click Next.
  8. Complete Step 4 by selecting the sponsor Opportunity Number.
    Click Next.
  9. Complete Step 5 by selecting a Principal Investigator.
    Click Next.
  10. Complete Step 6 by entering the Full Application Title, the Start and End Date of the study, and the Application Type.
    Click Finish.
    A new eGC1 will be created, and it will open at the Details page.
    Information entered using the Wizard will be pre-populated.
  11. Proceed to fill out the remaining sections of the eGC1, and the integrated SF424 Form package. When completing the SF424 Form Package, it is best to start with the SF424 form, as the information entered will pre-populate other forms within the package.

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