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Adding an Ad Hoc Reviewer to the Approval Flow

Please see the more complete help article on Ad Hoc Reviewers.

To add an ad hoc approver or watcher to the Approval Flow:

  1. Be sure the eGC1 is in Routing or In OSP status. You cannot add a review to the flow if the eGC1 is in Withdrawn or Returned status.
  2. Click on the Approvals tab to display the My Approvals list.
  3. Click the eGC1 number to display the Approval Flow.
  4. Click Add Approver or Add Watcher located on the Graph Options line.
    The Add Approver (Watcher) window will appear.
  5. Select either Person or Role.
    The Add a person or role? option allows an ad hoc reviewer to be added by either specifying the name of an individual or a role (such as "Animal Subjects").
    If a role is added, the email notifications for the eGC1 will be sent to all reviewers for that role. To add a division, department, or dean reviewer, you will need to know the appropriate organization code.
    It is recommended that whenever possible a role should be used as an ad hoc reviewer.
  6. Look up the Person to Add or the Role to Add using the options provided.
  7. The Location on graph where new Approver (Watcher) should be added option allows the ad hoc reviewer to be placed in a specific location within the Approval Flow by selecting an existing reviewer from the drop-down menu as a reference point. This gives the reviewer an indication of the sequence in which the eGC1 should be approved/watched, but does not enforce it.
  8. The Add before, in parallel with, or after the selected location? option determines the location of the ad hoc reviewer relative to the existing reviewer.
    Choose either Before, Parallel or After.
  9. Provide a reason for adding the ad hoc reviewer.

  10. Click Add Approver or Add Watcher to complete the process.
    The pop-up window will close and the Approval Flow graph will refresh, showing the new ad hoc reviewer.

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