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(38) Unallocated Costs


In this lesson, you’ll see how to add total amount of unallocated costs. Any expense not covered by the other codes in the budget are added with the (38) Unallocated code.

To add (38) Unallocated costs:

1.     Click the (38) Unallocated name to display the Add Unallocated button.

Unallocated Button

2.     Click the Add Unallocated button.

SAGE displays the Setup page for the new unallocated expense.

Setup Toolbar

And it displays the Description field populated with a default value. Here, it’s New Unallocated.

New Allocation Default

3.     Enter a description for the unallocated funds. In the example, they’ll be for emergencies.

 Emergency Funds

4.     Click the First Period First Period button button.

SAGE displays Period 1 detail page.

Period Details

And it displays the Total field set to its default value, $0.00.

Default Price Value

5.     Fill the total amount for the unallocated funds.

Total amount for the unallocated funds

6.     At this point you can click one of these four options:

Save button

Click the Save button and SAGE saves the data but leaves the Setup page open.

Save and Close button Click the Save and Close button and SAGE saves your data, closes the setup page, and displays the budget’s Worksheet.
Line Setup link Click the Line Setup link and SAGE saves your data and displays a new Setup page where you can add another item for the first period.
Next Period button Click the Next Period button and SAGE displays the next period detail page where you can extend or modify the item.

7.     Click the Save  button, to calculate the total amount of the funds and display it at the bottom of the window.

Total amount of funds

8.     Click the Save and Close  button, to close the page and display the worksheet.

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