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(10) Capital Projects


Costs for the design and construction of buildings are included under (10) Capital Projects. These expenses include land acquisition, design, project management, and site work. They also include art work, fixed equipment, and furnishings.

In this lesson, you’ll see how to add expenses for an addition to a lab building.

To Add (10) Capital Projects Costs

1.     Click the (10) Capital Projects name to display the Add Capital Project button.

Capital Projects button

2.     Click the Add Capital Project button.

SAGE displays the Setup page for the new capital project.

 New Capital Project

And, it includes the Description and the Sub-Object Code fields populated with default values. In this example, it’s New Capital Project and (00) Capital Projects respectively.

Capital Project Default Values

3.     Enter a description of the project and select the appropriate sub-object code. In this example, it’s for an addition to the lab (10-54).

Capital Projects Description and Sub-Object Code Values

Here is a partial list of the sub-object codes for capital projects.

partial list of sub object codes

For a complete list of UW Sub-Object Codes while in SAGE, click the F&A tab on the worksheet then click the Show read-only F&A object codes link at the bottom of the page.

4.     Click the First Period First Period Button button.

SAGE displays Period 1 detail page

Period detail titlebar

with the Quantity and Price fields set to default values

5.     Fill the quantity and price information for the addition, $750,000.

6.     At this point you can click one of these four options:

Save button

Click the Save button and SAGE saves the data but leaves the Setup page open.

Save and Close button Click the Save and Close button and SAGE saves your data, closes the setup page and displays the Worksheet.
Line Setup link Click the Line Setup link and SAGE saves your data and displays a new Setup page where you can add another project for the first period of the project.
Next Period button Click the Next Period button and SAGE displays the next period detail page where you can extend or modify the project.

7.    Click the Save   button, to display the cost of the addition at the bottom of the page.


8.     Click the Save and Close  button, to close the page and display the worksheet.

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