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(04) Travel


In this lesson, you’ll see how to add UW Sub-Object code, destination, quantity and price information for travel. The (04) Travel code covers all expense for air fare, car rental, in- and out-of-state per diem, as well as international travel, and cash advance

To Add (04) Travel

1.     Click the (04) Travel name to display the Add Travel button.

The Add Travel Button

SAGE displays the Setup page for new travel.

The New Travel Setup Page

SAGE also displays the Description, Sub-Object Code, and Destination fields populated with default values. In this example, it’s New Travel, (00) MISC, and Domestic respectively.

New Travel sub-Object Code and Destination

2.     Enter a description of the travel and select the appropriate sub-object code for it. In this example, it’s domestic air fare for an out-of-state national research meeting.

Below is a full list of all the sub-object codes for travel.

Partial List of Travel Sub-Object Codes

When you use items marked with an asterisk “*” check with granting agency regulations concerning travel to Canada or Mexico; travel may be defined either as out-of-state or foreign.

3.     Click the First Period  button.

SAGE displays Period 1 item detail page

Period 1 Detail Page

with the Quantity and Price fields set to default values.

Travel Period Page

4.     Fill the quantity and price information for the travel. For this example, the price for a roundtrip ticket to New York City is $1532.00 and there will be three people going.

Travel Quantity and Price Fields


Click the Save button, and SAGE will calculate the total cost of $4,596.

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