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Product Update Archives: May 2012

New Features in SAGE

The Security and Export questions have been revised, and a new one has been added concerning access to classified national security information. Answering "Yes" to the new question will generate a new approver called Security Reviewer on the approval gra
The SAGE Budget export now contains data formatted to simplify data entry for the SF424 forms. You will find this information following the usual export data.
When adding an ad hoc approver or watcher, a new validation checks for any mismatch between the Role chosen and the level of the associated organization code.
When OSP marks an eGC1 as eligible for an Advance Budget Review, the eGC1 owners will automatically receive an email message.
When users look up personnel, the results will contain the employee identification number. This will allow users to quickly differentiate between personnel with similar names.
You may now delete an eGC1 sooner when you have read/write access; the eGC1 is more than six months old, has only campus approvals, and is in Withdrawn or Returned status.


Adding and then removing an admin/budget contact in SAGE Budget takes you to the navigation instead of the wizard.

 If you create new budget and complete all of the steps until you reach the access page where you add and remove an admin/budget contact, you will see the full budget navigation instead of the wizard.     

Hyphenated names now display properly.
Advance budget is marked as ineligible when a user copies an older eGC1.

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