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Research Matters, Winter (January) 2012

Special Training Issue

Meet our New Trainer

photo of Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson
Systems Trainer/Instructional Designer
Office of Research Information Services

Adding ad hoc approvers, changing the F&A rate, connecting a budget--with so much to know, how do you figure it all out and still meet your deadlines? Enter Chris Carlson, ORIS's talented new trainer.

Whether you're brand new to your job or a seasoned administrator, Chris can help you "work the system." In the three short months he's been in ORIS, Chris has already revamped and taught the entire set of SAGE courses and is now actively exploring ways to expand the team's offerings through online courses, brown-bag discussions, and customized departmental trainings. 

"My goal," Chris says, "is to become a resource for UW's research community by making a complicated process much more user friendly. I want to help people get beyond the process to focus on what's important to them - the research."

A Circuitous Path

Though a natural in the classroom, Chris came to training through the backdoor. After earning his 6-12 teaching certificate and working for one year as a substitute teacher, he took a summer job as a customer service representative at Pacific Medical Center. His plans came to an abrupt end when Chris's supervisor learned of his teaching background. Before working a single day in customer service, Chris was recruited to the position of technical trainer and went on to facilitate all new employee trainings and implement several organization-wide training programs at Pac-Med.

While at Pac-Med, Chris says, “I discovered that I enjoy teaching adults. I enjoy meeting diverse groups of people and helping them reach their goals. It also gives me the opportunity to learn lots of new things." Learning about all the research taking place at the UW, Chris notes, has been one of the highlights of his new role in ORIS.

Though Chris now considers himself a trainer by trade, he remains dedicated to supporting excellence in K-12 education and is currently exploring opportunities to tutor through some local non-profit organizations. With all the energy and commitment Chris brings to his work, people in his classes will likely enjoy learning about him as well as from him.


New Course Offerings

  • Contracts Gone Wild. This course is critical to those of you who assist in the development or management of contracts sponsored by federal or state agencies, industry, or foundations. It covers contract terminology and the contract-review process, and uses case studies to highlight "train wrecks" that have occurred when contracts go "off track". The course will explore best practices, pitfalls, and possible outcomes when contracts are not handled appropriately.
  • Post-Award Financial Administration: Processes, Offices and Best Practices. Grant and Contract Accounting office (GCA), Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and others have designed this course for individuals who use or administer grant and contract budgets. Learn more about working with GCA, including who to contact, and how and when to complete necessary forms.
  • SAGE Budget. Learn how to use SAGE Budget to easily create accurate, detailed budgets for your grant and contract proposals. This course provides you with experience establishing budget properties, adding object-code line items, creating sub-budgets, and linking the budget to an eGC1.
  • SAGE 102: Grant Runner. Learn how Grant Runner streamlines the application process by combining the SF424 (R&R) form package with the eGC1. This course introduces experienced SAGE users to Grant Runner and the business process around it.

You can see upcoming course dates and access our registration tool from Scheduled Courses.


Required Trainings - Feedback Wanted
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Office of Research Annual Report 
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