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Research Matters, Winter 2013

Research Matters - SAGE News for the Research Community

New to SAGE

We recognize that new grant administrators have many details to learn from a lot of different sources. To help, we created a Welcome to SAGE Web page with the following information:

  • Key research administration offices
  • Online grant tools
  • Training opportunities in research administration
  • Other resources: Monthly Research Administrators Meeting (MRAM), grants newsletter, user guides, etc. 
  • Grant Administration Contacts
  • The simplified grant lifecycle

Simple grant lifecycle

Each month we will send an email message with a link to the Welcome to SAGE Web page to administrative and budget contacts and preparers who have been added to an eGC1 for the first time. 

Upcoming Release Highlights

After next month's release, you will see some changes in FIDS and SAGE. We will make the following changes to FIDS based on feedback we have received:

  • Investigators will be able to edit submitted disclosures which have not reached either Review Complete or No Review Required status. 
  • Investigators will find a new action section at the top of the FIDS Profile page that lists their pending disclosures and easily allows the creation of new ones.

In SAGE, The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department will revise their compliance questions on the eGC1. The changes will be made to reflect regulatory and EH&S program updates.

  • Question 1 will be limited to biohazardous materials requiring EH&S and Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval.
  • biohazard symbolQuestion 2 about Select Agents will be revised for clarity and to reflect the updated regulations. If answered yes, due to stringent federal oversight requirements for the Select Agent Program, EH&S will continue to be an approver on the eGC1.
  • Questions 3 and 4 will have revised language for clarity and to reflect changes in contact information.
  • Question 5 will be a new question for regulated quantities of highly toxic chemicals that may require building modifications to comply with local Fire Department requirements. If yes, PIs will be asked to contact EH&S Building and Fire Safety at 206.616.5530 for assistance.
  • Question 6 will ask if the sponsor will require EH&S review prior to submission to the sponsor. This is an existing question that was previously part of question 1. If yes, PIs will be asked to contact EH&S Research and Occupational Safety at 206.221.7770.

ORIS Announcements

  • New SAGE Approvals online training: This new online course provides eGC1 Approvers and Watchers in academic and compliance units with an overview of how to navigate SAGE to find information about a funding proposal and then approve it or return it to its owners.
  • FIDS User Guide Feedback: To provide a better experience using help documentation, we created the FIDS User Guide. While using FIDS, you can view specific, contextual sections which also provide access to the entire guide. The guide can also be accessed directly from the FIDS support site. Let us know what you think of the guide by clicking on the Send Feedback link found at the bottom of each page in the guide.
  • iSTAR (Improving Service to Advance Research): Read about the Office of Research's high-level accomplishments in the areas of customer service, operational excellence, staff development, and resource optimization on the iSTAR Web site which ORIS staff recently redesigned.  

iStar Web site

  • Office of Research - Annual Report: The UW received an impressive total of $1.471 billion for sponsored research funds. Read the report to learn more about the 2012 awards and expenditures related to research, training, fellowships, and other sponsored programs.


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