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Research Matters, Fall 2012

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Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) Update

At the Office of Research Information Services (ORIS), we spent our summer creating the new Financial Interest Disclosure system (FIDS) in order to comply with the revised Public Health Service (PHS) requirements for reporting Significant Financial Interests (SFIs).  Since releasing the tool in August,  2,232 Investigators have created 4,904 SFI disclosures in FIDS. 

We appreciate the FIDS feedback we've received and are planning to add the following features in our next release:

  • A simplified process for completing a disclosure
  • Training tools and reports to identify who has completed the PHS FCOI training

Watch for more details in the post-release email message.

Coming Soon: eGC1 Routing Capabilities Changing

To ensure a smoother handoff between departments and OSP, and to enhance eGC1 owners’ ability to communicate to OSP via SAGE, the following changes will be in the next release:  

  • When the Ready To Submit (RTS) question on the Certify and Route page of the eGC1 is marked “yes”, eGC1 owners will no longer be able to withdraw the eGC1 once it is In OSP status. Marking an eGC1 “RTS” is the PI’s communication to OSP that the application is ready for submission to the sponsor. OSP will submit the application to the sponsor when the proposal has received all required institutional review and approval. If eGC1 owners need to make changes to the application after marking it “RTS”, they must contact OSP and request they return the eGC1.
  • All eGC1s, no matter how they are submitted to the sponsor, will have an RTS question on the Certify & Route page.
  • For more information about Ready to Submit, see GIM 19. Remember! Route your eGC1 with draft science but final business and administrative sections for institutional review and approval by seven days prior to the sponsor deadline. After your eGC1 is reviewed, update it with the final science, respond to review comments, mark it “RTS”, and you are good to go!

New and Noteworthy

  • SAGE Mobile Approvals are available to all non-OSP approvers. To use it, simply open SAGE Approvals using your mobile device. This tool is designed only for approving applications; continue reviewing them using SAGE Approvals.
  • Online courses: Learn how to use SAGE and FIDS whenever and wherever you want. ORIS is developing online courses that allow you to start, stop, and skip ahead to the timely information you need.  Check out the current FIDS course “Completing a New Disclosure”, and stay tuned because more courses are in the works.
  • AUMS: The Animal Use Medical Screening is now online, replacing the previous paper-based process. This will make it easier to find renewal dates and certification letters.

Tips and Reminders

  • Real Estate. Do you have a research project without a home? When you are preparing your budget, make sure you have the right place to conduct the research and have accounted for all space costs. If you're going to be off campus, contact the Real Estate Office at uwreo@uw.eduor 206-616-3400.
  • eGC1 files. To ensure accuracy and potentially reduce the review time, create only one file of your sponsor application documents in the correct order. We recommend saving the file as a PDF and then uploading it in the "Documents to be Submitted to the Sponsor" section of the Attached Documents page. If OSP’s ink signatures are needed, you may provide a separate file containing only the signature pages.
  • FIDS Training. New in-person FIDS training opportunities are coming soon!  Look for training dates to be announced later in October. 

SFI disclosure process. Here's a quick reminder of the steps to completing an SFI disclosure. Note: disclosure notification messages are sent to Investigators from

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