Alene Moris Women’s Center

 International Anti-Human Trafficking, Violence Prevention & Gender Equity Work

UW Women's Center international work group photo

For the past three decades, the UW Women’s Center has worked on violence prevention and gender equity initiatives abroad, particularly in India and the Philippines. 

Dr. Basu has worked extensively, in collaboration with her colleagues at Universities and community-based organizations in India to elevate girls education, gender equity, human rights and human trafficking. The primary focus of her current research and activism is ending violence against women and fighting the global trafficking of women and work: Woman with sign that reads 'women struggle for land, food, waterEmma leading training at International Anti-Human Trafficking, Violence Prevention & Gender Equity Work


Velma and Emma at International Anti-Human Trafficking, Violence Prevention & Gender Equity Work

Recent projects

  • Learning the various ways in which non-profits and socially conscious for-profit enterprises are helping generate livelihood options for women, and/or are working on rehabilitation of women and children from situations of abuse or trafficking through education, healthcare or livelihood generation.
  • Examining how former Indian women sex workers talk about their reintegration into mainstream society to see if, and to what extent, societal structures facilitate the re-integration of former female sex workers into mainstream society.
  • Women’s Center Anti-Human Trafficking Force Members, Velma Veloria and Emma Catague, are developing  community-centered initiatives to prevent gender-based violence in the Philippines and support survivors, in partnership with the University of the Philippines and community -based organization.  They host multi-day trainings to share knowledge, develop community-based solutions and illuminate legal consequences to build a community of natural helpers.