Funding & Resources

WE-REACH Opportunities:

  • WE-REACH Project Funding and Support: A twice yearly application (Fall and Winter) offering up to $186,000 in funding along with project management and milestone-driven support to commercialize proof-of-product concepts for spinout, licensing, or new company formation. (Currently available only to University of Washington PIs or teams with a University of Washington Co-PI).
Other Funding Opportunities
Unit / funding source Intent / purpose Level of funding Resources
CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund Helping technologies and ideas get seed investment $50,000 Training activities culminating in a pitch to external investors and entrepreneurs
WRF Phase 1 Technology Commercialization Grants Supporting researchers and entrepreneurs commercialize projects at Washington State nonprofit research institutions Up to $100,000 Validation of commercial products, license development opportunities, IP generation, potential follow-on through WRF Phase 2 support
COVID-19 Support Research funding and financial support for projects related to COVID-19   Business, research, and federal programs curated by the UW Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
NSF I-Corps Guiding innovators to become entrepreneurs $2,500 Mentorship from a pool-of-domain experts and entrepreneurs
ITHS Early Investigator Catalyst Award Start or finish translational research $5,000 Clinical or preclinical research resources
Population health social entrepreneurship fellowships Assess population health and social impact projects $10,000 Students analyze UW innovations for social entrepreneurship routes to sustainability
ITHS Commercialization Fellowships Business assessments $10,000 Entrepreneurial students explore the business potential of projects
Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship $15,000 Entrepreneur network and legal assistance
Royalty Research Fund (RRF) Assist faculty and researchers $15,000 Assist with specific development milestones to propel toward commercialization
ITHS Academic/Community Partnership Awards Academic and community partnerships in research $20,000 Clinical and implementation resources
Global Innovation Fund Enhancing UW global engagement and reach $20,000 Prioritizes projects aligned with UW institutional goals
Dempsey Startup Competition Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship $25,000 Entrepreneur network and legal assistance
ITHS Translational Pilot Awards for Diabetes Translational diabetes research $25,000 Clinical or preclinical research resources
ITHS Collaboration Innovation Awards New directions in translational research $50,000 Funding for research on innovative projects addressing critical needs
Population Health Initiative Pilot Awards Community engaged population health research $50,000 Pilot funding for collaborative research and implementation
ITHS Primate Center Ignition Awards Preclinical research using nonhuman primate models $75,000 Research and preclinical support; nonhuman primate models
ITHS Research Innovation Awards Address important barriers $100,000 Clinical and clinical implementation resources